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I love it and want to join - now what?

So you've seen us race, love the idea and want to get in on the scene, what do you have to do?

1. Head over to the 'Documents' page and download a copy of the following: Regulations, Constitution & Membership Application.
2. Complete the membership application and send it to us (scan and email preferable).
3. Pay your membership fee and send payment advice to us (we will forward to the treasurer).
4. Once we confirm payment we will forward you your t-shirt.
5. Organise to attend the next build day or event to get licenced.
6. Start (or finish) building your mower - have a look at what names and numbers are already taken (see below) and email us what you'd like - the only stipulation is that your name MUST have 'MOW' in it somewhere. If it's not available or not approved we'll let you know.
7. Come to our monthly membership meeting at ShowMow Racing Australia HQ - 6/64 Railway St Bomaderry- 7.30pm on every 1st Monday of the month.

Contact ShowMow Racing Australia - click on the button below and fill out the form (opens in new tab).

SUBMIT A MOTION TO THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - - click on the button below and fill out the form (opens in new tab).

COMPLAINT/CONCERN FORM - - click on the button below and fill out the form (opens in new tab).

President Greg Lynch 0414 800 359,
Vice-President Rod Dickinson 0400 503 217,
Secretary Peter Johnson 0429 005 313,
Treasurer Raymond Coutts 0401 521 148,
Committee Members Joe Petrolo 0418 425 817 and Al Byrne 0458 261 694

Want to know if a mower name or number is available? Check the list below, if it's not on there then click the button below to register the details. Once all details have been checked you'll get an email back confirming that the name is reserved until the end of the current season - if not completed by then you'll need to re-register it. NOTE: ALL NAMES MUST HAVE 'MOW' IN IT, ALL RACE NUMBERS ARE LIMITED TO 2-DIGITS MAXIMUM (those currently with 3 digits will be asked to nominate a 2-digit number).

Transferring/changing details of an existing mower? Please notify the committee using the below form.

New season? Mower name & number registrations need to be confirmed by 30th September or else they are removed and up for grabs! Complete the form below to confirm (up to 6 mowers at once) names & numbers.

What makes a good MOW name? Phonetically 'MOW' should fit in the name - eg MOWna Lisa. If anything is initially thought to be a little far out then it will be referred to committee for their ruling. A reminder it MUST have MOW in it somewhere and race numbers are limited to 2-digits only.