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Good Sports Club

Lawn mowers are a part of most everyone’s life. If you have a large area of ground, then it usually means a ride-on mower is in the garage. Ride-on mowers are a very real part of the Australian rural way of life, but a new way has been developed to add a whole lot of fun to the humble ride-on mower.

Enter....................................Racing a ride-on!

The sport of racing mowers has been accepted by the country shows as a symbol of rural Australia that is easily recognised. This, perhaps unusual, form of organised motorsport, encompassing all the normal rules and entertainment of regular vehicle racing, is being warmly embraced by an ever-increasing crowd.

When you see a form of motorsport that is affordable, involves the whole family, invites women to participate, encourages juniors and introduces them to basic driving skills and associated etiquette, it has to be regarded as a point of high interest.

Such has been the ongoing success of a small but growing group of enthusiasts called Southern Mower Racing Club. They have entertained the show crowds for over a decade and are continually striving to develop a better performance each year. The crowd's smile, cheer, ooh, ah and occasionally gasp at the antics of the competitors doing things with machinery intended for rural grounds keeping!

Younger members have their own classes (A & B), and the competition is every bit as keen as in the senior class, whilst not being at the senior speeds. They are coached and encouraged in their driving and behaviour, surely placing them in good stead for later years.

Whilst being competitive and reaching speeds around 40 kph, the mowers are easily recognised by the public as a mower. Specific safety items are fitted to each mower, and all drivers, junior and senior are required to wear helmets, gloves and substantial footwear and clothing. Pre-race scrutineering, flag marshals, safety officers and general helpers are all a vital part of the sport as are the machines.

In May 2009 three states met at Dubbo for the inaugural Australian Championships, and the spectacle was amazing. Such a sport has been widely and warmly embraced by the rural shows and their patrons, and the opportunity is now there for expansion. So don't just sit there....come and join the fun.

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